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Valentine's Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day is coming up! The day of love is just around the corner and if you're as excited as I am to share your love with your special someone then this post is for you!

Valentine's Gift Love Potion Candle

Valentine's Gift:

Gift and lite this love potion candle as the perfect start to the perfect Valentine's evening!

Valentine's Gift Wife Era Sweatshirt

Valentine's Gift:

This sweatshirt is a great gift for any wifey in your life-y! For newly married women that are ushering in a new era, or any wonderful woman that is fully thriving in her wife era!

Valentine's Gift Rosebud Tea

Valentine's Gift:

This rosebud tea is the warmest way to give the traditional Valentine's Day gift, and it never hurts to pair them with a fresh bouquet!

Valentine's Gift Padlock Object

Valentine's Gift:

If she's got your heart on lock, this gold padlock object is a beautiful addition to her desk, keeping you top of mind all through the day!

Valentine's Gift Mrs. Ring

Valentine's Gift:

This fun ring is a lovely addition to her jewelry collection to pair nicely with that special left handed ring.

Valentine's Gift Jade Stone Eye Mask

Valentine's Gift:

For any self-care sophisticate, this elegant, jade stone eye mask will cool and soothe any facial tension.

Valentine's Gift Heart Object

Valentine's Gift:

This gold heart is a delightful symbolic gift of your heart!

Valentine's Gift Velvet Blanket

Valentine's Gift:

Soft to the touch, this velvet blanket is the perfect gift to wrap up in this Valentine's night!

Valentine's Gift Red Light Lip Mask

Valentine's Gift:

Give you sweetheart soft, well cared for kisses with this red light lip mask made to tend to the sensitive skin on her lips.

Very Happy Gifting!




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