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Every Day is Mother's Day

In honor of Mother's Day this weekend I wanted to take a moment to show love to all of the moms out there, including my mom! It's important to remember to show your love to the ones you love everyday, not just on special holidays. If you're lucky enough to have a great mom, your mother has shown you love every single day. And if you wished you had a great mom, let the lacking lead you to love!

Mothers love and care for you every day in every possible way for the formative years of your life. There is no amount of gratitude and thanks that can pay back the care she has given. Think about everything that goes into creating a decent human being. And while it takes a village, she leads that village with pride!

As you grow and become your own person, one of the hardest and best parts of the job is stepping back as a child grows. I always appreciate the tough decisions a mom has to make on whether to lend a helping hand or let a child help themselves. A mom's strong desire to jump into any situation and make it right when something las gone wrong can only be contained by the great growth of her child. Helping them make things right on their own is sometimes the best way to help.

Even when you've "grown up" your mom is always there. Even when you've moved out of her house, your mom is always there. Even when you've started your own family, your mom is always there. Whether it's to answer the occasional question on cooking, laundry or the meaning of life, your mom always has time for you. Thanking her for that kind of friendship and companionship is a three hundred, sixty-five day task!

The gift of a great mom can not be reciprocated with one bouquet of flowers, one day a year. Remember the gift you have been given on Mother's Day and everyday. Giving a gift to your mom on Mother's Day is wonderful, but this day is also a reminder that you have been given a gift as well.

Very Happy Mother's Day!




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