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Cozy Get Well Gifts

I've had a lovely time being sick recently and I figured this was the perfect time for this post. Everyone hates being sick. It feels like you'll never get better, you can't go anywhere because you're stuck in bed and in general you don't feel beautiful or handsome or anything other than SICK. When anyone is feeling like that, it's the perfect time to surprise them with a gift that will help them feel a little better!

Since rest is the most important medicine when you're sick, they've got to sleep! Whether they are getting more sleep or just can't seem to get to sleep, these gifts will make their restful hours even better.

This set includes an eye mask to keep light out so they can rest during the day; scrunchies to keep hair back, because who wants to deal with hair when your sick; and a silk pillowcase to reduce friction and help retain moisture in their hair and skin, because a skincare routine is the first thing to go out the window when their sick.


Wrap them up in softness for extreme comfort even when they need to be at their coziest. This throw is extremely soft and comfortable and perfect for wrapping up and healing the body.


When you're sick, you're not putting on real shoes. Get them these super cozy slides, perfect to shuffle around the house.

When someone is sick, any present will put a smile on their face and brighten their day so let them know you're thinking of them and hoping they feel better with these gifts!

Very Happy Gifting!




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