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Cozy Gift Ideas

I recently read an article about “inside clothes” and how some people have never heard the term used to describe the comfortable clothes we wear inside of our homes, and never wear outside. Even if we’ve never used the actual term “inside clothes” it’s fair to say that when you work in an office (usually) with any type of dress code, as soon as you come home you’re changing into something much more comfortable or straight into your pajamas.

Now that we’re all stuck inside for a while, it’s a great time to upgrade your “inside clothes” and get some great gift ideas to upgrade the ones you love as well. Cue Beyoncé, “Let me upgrade you!”

Here is my go-to formula for the coziest gifts and the best gift combos (or individual gifts) of the "stay inside" variety.

Pajama Set + Comfy Cardigan + Soft Socks + A Personal Favorite = A Killer Cozy Gift

All of the these items in this combination are pretty self explanatory except for the "personal favorite". That item is something that is special to the gift recipient that is that added cherry on top of this cozy gift. It could be their favorite book, a homey candle or a soft blanket.

Cozy Gift Set Option One:

This luxe cozy gift set features a comfy tee, leggings and cardigan from Lunya paired with Bare Necessities cozy socks and a Capri Blue Volcano candle from Anthropologie to really make anyone’s home feel luxurious and comfortable. Seriously, I do not know a single person who doesn’t love this candle.

Cozy Gift Set Option Two:

This casual set features a comfy top and jogger pant as well as a super soft and chic Sherpa robe coat from Splendid. All paired with the cutest throw to allow anyone to look super put together, even their only going to their sofa!

Cozy Gift Set Option Three:

This chic set makes it impossible for anyone to feel blue! This satin camisole and jogger set pairs perfectly with a cozy cardigan and socks, just what you need to curl up with a best-selling book by Michelle Obama.

Hopefully you’ve found something for your coziest friend or family member, or for yourself. What do you think about “inside clothes” do you wear them? Do you love them?

Very, Happy Gifting!




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