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Christmas in July | Fitness and Wellness Gift Guide

Keeping fit and staying well takes a concerted effort. If you know anyone who is diligent with their fitness and wellness routine then these gifts will help them get or stay in shape while also promoting wellness.

This chic Fitbit digital tracker will get them paying attention to their activity and tracking their wellness each day.


Pair this digital tracker with a workout journal to log your daily progress overtime. Let them see how far they've come at the flip of a page.

For anyone in serious need of recovery, the Theragun PowerDots uses small electric signals to target and create contractions of the muscle to speed up muscle recovery.


For a quick low tech massage, this menthol-infused cube is said to reduce pain and inflammation. Massage the soothing square onto game-day or post-workout soreness, and its ingredients get right to work. This would make a great stocking stuffer pairing to the PowerDots gift under the tree!

Lululemon makes great gear for anyone looking to get in shape! Gift this perfect layer for running when there is a chill in the air or to help your recipient look chic leaving the gym.


The most loved workout gear, can get well, stinky! Keep their workout essentials smelling great and in perfect shape with The Laundress Sport.

If your recipient is looking to eat a little healthier and get more greens into their diet then this microgreens grower is the perfect gift.


Pair this healthy gift with a cookbook that puts their greens to good use!

A good night's sleep influences your mood, health and obviously the energy to workout the next day. Gift the Oura Ring and help anyone track their sleep, giving them data to get their best night sleep.


These melatonin sleep aids are wrapped in chocolate! A good night sleep and a little sweet--what a great treat!

For the recipient that likes variety, Class Pass offers different fitness classes for one membership fee!


A stretch strap will help them stretch out any sore muscles after an intense workout class.

For the practicing yogi, this non slip yoga mat is the perfect gift to help them plant their feet and get into those deep poses!


Pair this yoga mat with a bag to help them

carry this mat and all their essentials

from home to the gym.

Let them wake up to sunlight peacefully nudging them from their slumber. The Hatch alarm clock allows for a peaceful start to every morning!


For a mellow morning, gift them melatonin bath soak to add to their nightly routine.

Treat their skin to some topical fitness! This luxe dry brush will stimulate and exfoliate their skin, so invigorating after a workout!


Pair this dry body brush with a great shower set like this set from Neccessaire.

These elegant massagers can work the tissue after a workout. This set makes a great gift for anyone who needs to knead into a few sore muscles.


Pair this set with some muscle melting bath soak!

Whether you're giving a gift to help someone start or (re-start) a fitness routine or improve their overall wellness, these gifts will get them excited about self improvement.

Very Happy Gifting!



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