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Celebrate Today: Things to do in April

Sometimes we get stuck in a routine and it can be hard to keep the excitement for everyday activities. Changing things up keeps you on your toes and adds a little excitement to your month! These activities are great to do on your own, with a friend or a significant other.

1. Treat Yourself to Flowers

Spring Flower Bouquet

It’s Spring and all over the country flowers are in bloom! Treat yourself to some beautiful flowers this spring season and bring a smile to your face and some life to your home. Splurge on flowers from your favorite florist or build your own beautiful bouquet with some grocery store flowers and a little how-to help from this post!

2. Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Supplies

Spring also means it’s time to clean and refresh. It’s spring cleaning time, so pick your favorite cleaner, put on your favorite tunes or podcast and deep clean your home. I know, I know, this might not be your favorite activity but you will SO good after you clean the baseboards you’ve been putting off. Or imagine how delighted you’ll feel when you finally dust that bookshelf! That feeling is reason to push through the cleaning. Get a great smelling cleaner to make it an aromatic experience and you’ll enjoy it even more!

3. Get a Mother's Day Head Start

Mother's Day Plannin

I always love to push you to look ahead and get a jump start on your gift giving so let’s look to next month! Have you gotten your Mother a present for Mother’s Day yet? If not, start thinking about what you’ll get her and what you’ll do to celebrate her. What about the mother of your children, what about the other motherly figures in your life who have given you a shoulder to cry on or motherly advice? How are you celebrating all the ladies in your life?

4. Sunscreen Shopping

Sunscreen Shopping

As the warm weather comes, we all want to spend more time outside. Let’s have that time be safe and protected with some sunscreen! It’s time to check your stock of sunscreen—do you have enough, do you have any, is it expired? Maybe it’s time buy a new bottle for a new season. What’s better than an excuse to browse Sephora for body sunscreen, facial sunscreen or even a little makeup with an SPF?

5. Road Trip

If you haven’t planned a big vacation for this year, it could be time to think small and stay closer to home. A spring road trip could be just what’s needed! Depending on where you’re located look at a map and do some Google searches about what’s within a 3-6 hour drive of you for a weekend getaway!

Find new ways to enjoy your month and remember to celebrate everyday! ... VHM


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