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Celebrate Today: Fun things to do in February

Sometimes we get stuck in a routine and it can be hard to keep the excitement for everyday activities. Changing things up keeps you on your toes and add a little excitement to your month! These activities are great to do on your own, with a friend or a significant other.

1. Target Couples Challenge

If you haven’t heard of the Target Couples Challenge, let me enlighten you! This game can be played at any of your favorite retailers and involves a scavenger hunt-like search of items for your playing companion. Wander around the store and find the items below, set a time limit, set a dollar limit and you’re off!

1. Find something in their favorite color

2. Their favorite thing to drink

3. Their favorite snack

4. Something that reminds you of them.

5. An everyday thing.

2. Make S’mores

The utterly delicious campfire treat can be made in your own back yard! Make it a date and grab some marshmallows, grahams and chocolate for the cutest and sweetest activity. I recently picked up this kit from City Bonfires to make it super easy!

3. Have a Taste Test

I love this activity because it can be modified to suite any food or drink! If you are normally someone who doesn’t share food, then it’s time to start. With your family, friends or significant other have a taste testing night where everyone shares! One of my favorite ways to do this is with a burger take-out taste test. Let's say there are four participants then everyone chooses a burger they think they will love, then when the food arrives, cut the burger into quarters and everyone gets to try, and determine which one was the best. This can be done with beer, pasta, you name it! If there is a prize for the best item picked—even better!

4. Listen to an Audio Book

Listen to an audio book! This might seem basic but when you share an audio book with someone else becomes the next series you’re binge watching together! Listening to a description of a story activates the imagination which can be a great way to spend time by yourself or with a partner.

5. Reset a Resolution

How are those New Year’s resolutions doing? Do they need to be reset? If you find you need a little kick in the but to get going again, engage in a little retail therapy and purchase some motivation. Not working out as much as you wanted to—maybe a new set of sneakers is in order? Not eating as healthy as you thought you would—pick up a new cookbook! Not as organized as you thought you would be—buy yourself some new pens and a planner. The point is that the year is long and it’s ok to reignite a passion or resolution with some new gear.

6. Have a Viewing Party

February has a few televised events perfect for gathering in your living room. The Super Bowl and the Golden Globes both air in February so make (or order) a delicious array of snacks to enjoy hours of entertainment. Dress up for the event, whether in sports gear for the Super Bowl or elegant attire for the Golden Globes, turn on the television and gather in person or on zoom and watch the event together!

Enjoy your month and remember to celebrate everyday!




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