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Very Happy Monthly: Best Finds of February

Every month I come across new things that are great on their own or as gifts. Every great find can be turned into a great gift if it’s for the right person! Keeping your mind open when you find something great is the key to being a great gift giver!

Throughout last month I found some great snacks that can not only make a really cute gift when packaged the right way but will also help you stay in shape whenever those snack cravings hit.

What’s special about this granola is that it has all the good stuff, it’s gluten free, no added sugar… and my favorite only 10g of carbs (3g Net Carbs). It may not seem like anything special but with other granolas you can expect up to 50g of carbohydrates per serving. Luckily, this granola is so tasty you don’t miss any of the carbs. With a variety of flavors to choose from, this brand of granola tastes great on yogurt, as cereal, on fruit bowls—everything!

If you’ve ever tried protein bars you know that finding a delicious flavors is a scavenger hunt for the taste buds but once you’ve found your “bar” it’s your bar! The Quest Hero Bar comes in different flavors but I have yet to find one that I don’t like. These high protein, low sugar bars taste like rice crispy treats flavored with blubbery cobbler or chocolate caramel pecan, mmmmm!

If your sweet tooth craves candy but you’re trying to cut back on sugar, then this brand of sweets is perfect for you! Chewy and sweet this is the perfect substitute for your classic childhood favorite.

Skinny Pop is already a cult favorite, so there’s no need to go into detail about how light yet delicious it is, but what I’ve recently discovered the microwave bags of Skinny Pop. For so long I’ve enjoyed skinny pop in the pre-portioned individual bags but now, to have the ability to have HOT Skinny Pop—bring on the Netflix!

What I love about these brownies are that they are in individual servings. If portion control is an issue for you, like it is for me, these are individually packed and the perfect size for decedent yet decent sized dessert.

These snacks can make great additions to an Easter basket or even as a housewarming present to bring over so that the new home owners have snacks while they’re unpacking. One cute way of packing these up as a great gift is to add them to snack containers to help add a chic organizational touch to a kitchen or pantry.

Very Happy Gifting!



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