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The Item You Need for Quick Gifting

Do you keep gifts in your house that aren’t for anyone but that are around just-in-case? Just in case you forget a special occasion, just in case you don’t have time to grab a gift on the way to a party, just in case money is tight and you have to buy a gift you didn’t plan for? Some people have a “gift closet” where they keep items that will make a great gift to grab and go. If you don’t have a gift closet, gift shelf, or a gift drawer, let me start your collection out with an extremely versatile gift: coasters!

If you’re thinking that coasters are a boring gift, let me assure you that they are not! They are available in so many colors and styles that there is truly an option for anyone. Coasters are a good gift to keep around because they can be easily paired to make a GREAT gift.

Coasters + Home Décor Book = Housewarming Gift

Coasters + Bottle of Wine = Hostess Gift

Coasters + Whiskey Stones = Father’s Day Gift

Coasters + Champagne + Orange Juice = Birthday Gift

Coasters + Glasses + Decanter = Wedding Gift

Truly, they are great for any occasion! Below are great options to start your gift closet or add to it:

These coasters make it easy to stay prepared for any gifting occasion or be ready for a get together at your place!

Very Happy Gifting!




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