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Store Feature: Tea Heritage (Etsy Shop)

One of my favorite places to purchase gifts is on Etsy. With an immense assortment of crafters and makers, Etsy makes it super easy to support small businesses. Today's store feature is Tea Heritage. I love these uniquely shaped tea bags, they make the gift of tea so much more unique and personal. Check out these gift combinations to pair with Tea Heritage's super special tea bags.

Perfect For: Your Bohemian Friend

This combination of mug + tea + honey is perfect for your bohemian friend that is always positive! I also love this for an office gift exchange or for anyone who brings makes your day just a little bit happier.

Perfect For: Your Outdoorsy Friend

This cute combo of a forest mug, leaf shaped tea bags, and raw wild flower honey will keep your outdoorsy friend warm on any camping trip.

Perfect For: Your Mother-In-Law

This sophisticated pairing is perfect for your mother inlay or if you have an ornithologist friend, they will love this too! A subtle bird painted mug, a hummingbird shaped tea bag and lemon tea stirring spoon are the perfect thoughtful gift.

I love how flexible and cohesive the same gift idea can be, and yet still really nail your gift recipient's taste and personality!

Very Happy Gifting!




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