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Personalized Mother's Day Gifts

When it comes to giving gifts from a child to a parent, at any age, it can be tricky. Parents have raised you and given you their love from the start so giving them a gift that speaks volumes can be difficult. My go to gifts for mothers are personalized gifts. Items from the heart that attempt to say, “thank you for all you’ve done over the years, you’ll never know how much I love and appreciate you!"

Here are some gift ideas to help you speak from the heart!

For the Mother that's a Chef or Baker: Personalized Pottery

If your mother has a famous, take-it-to-the-grave, known for it, brings it to every party recipe, then may I suggest a gift from Prairie Hills Pottery. My mother has a pie recipe that she prides herself on and makes it for every Thanksgiving! So to honor her and her recipe I gave my mother this personalized pie dish.

With Prairie Hills Pottery you can hand write a recipe and put it on a dish, or immortalize a loved one's hand writing. You take a hand written recipe from you mother, grandmother or and take a picture or scan into your computer.

Since my Mother's handwritten recipe was pages (and pages) long, she is VERY thorough, I typed up the recipe and added a few graphics. The blur below is simply because well, it's a family recipe! If I see you at the next family wedding or reunion, it's all yours!

With the vintage-esc color palette my graphic recipe is turned into an heirloom worthy pie plate. Again, the printing from Prairie Hills Pottery is crisp and clear, but the family recipe is top-secret, hence I added the blur!

For the Mother that Loves to be Cozy: A Personalized Blanket

If your mother loves to lounge, or loves a good home decor accent then she will love Swell Blankets! I these are so great because you can pick a luxe blanket or throw, compose a custom message to a loved one, pick your font and they will use it to create a custom tag on a beautiful blanket.

For Christmas last year I gave my Mom a blanket from Swell and she loved it! It made her cry, and isn't that the true barometer of any Mom's happiness?

For the Mother that's a Family Historian: Personalized Photography

If your mother loves taking photos at family functions, loves archiving photos and perhaps is a scrapbooker, then she will appreciate this unique way to immortalize photos! The RetroViewer by Image3D is the cutest throw-back way to give photos. Available through Uncommon Goods and Image3D's own website.

I purchased one of these for my friend who had a new grandson and kept emailing EVERYONE pictures. It was a great gift!

Then going forward, you can keep creating and purchasing updated picture slides or re-purchase older slides for others.

Those are my top ideas for personalized gift ideas for your one and only Mother who deserves nothing but the best! Does you Mom love personalized gifts?

Very Happy Gifting!




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