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Perfect Pairings from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

For cardholders, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is live and you're shopping to your heart's content! For others, the sale will go live to the public on August 19th! Either way, there are some great gifts to be found in the sale. Now, if you're stumped, I'm here to help. If you're looking at the sale and thinking, there is definitely great things in the sale, but how do I make great gifts out of those items? Well, check out these ideas!

A Gift for Now or Later:

I love this pairing of sunscreen and a sunhat! This serves as a great gift for summer birthdays and for those that are starting to travel again. I also love this for a bride that has had to delay her nuptials and honeymoon until a later date. This pairing with a cute note that says, "Someday soon you WILL be on your honeymoon, so here's a little something to make sure you're looking your best!"

To wrap this gift: I would nestle the hat upside-down in a box and fill the dome of the hat with a little shredded paper and the sunscreen set. That way the hat becomes a little gift basket!

A Relaxing Gift:

Being at home this year has us all upgrading the cozy clothes that used to consist of a stretched out college t-shit and hole-ridden sweats. If your recipient is anything like this, give them a luxurious addition to their at home attire! This super soft robe and slippers pairing will make any morning or night the highlight of the day.

Stay-At-Home Luxury:

This gift pairing speaks to the luxurious lounge-cat in your life! The one that loves to sleep in and get brunch around 2pm. These silk pillow cases and plush slippers will help make mornings something to look forward to (coffee not included!).

Pretty in Pink:

This gift set is perfect for any girly girl in your life as well as any mother, mother-in-law or aunt that is on your gift list. The pairing of a cardigan they can easily throw on when they are on their way out the house, paired with a lip color that goes with everything is the perfect way to give a useful and flattering gift all at once!

I love putting two great deals together for one great gift! Have you found another great pairing in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Very Happy Gifting!




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