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One Hostess Gift Three Ways

One of my favorite hostess gifts to give is a beautiful serving pitcher. I prefer clear glass because it is so versatile but any beautiful pitcher will do. I love this present to any party host because there are so many ways to make it a GREAT gift. Think of all of the things you can do with a clear glass pitcher as hostess gift! If you can’t think of any ideas, let me get you started!

|| A Purposeful Present:

Think about the type of party you’re going to and what gifts could be helpful at the party. Are you going to a dinner party? Try filling the pitcher with cloth napkins, maybe with personal embroidery and nice serving utensils. Are you going to a barbeque? Then fill a pitcher with barbeque tools.

|| Lovely Libations:

Think about the hostess and what they love to drink. Fill the pitcher with ingredients for their beverage of choice! Are you going to a child’s birthday party with a parent host? Try filling the pitcher with Kool-Aid, napkins and some fruit of the same flavor as the Kool-Aid. Are you going to a backyard party? Fill the pitcher with ingredients for spiked lemonade.

|| Beautiful Blooms:

Think about bringing something beautiful to the party. What are your recipients favorite flowers? Do they love sunflowers? Then fill the pitcher with bright and bold sunflowers. What décor or color theme is your hostess’ party or decor? Do they love white florals? Then bring over light and bright blooms.

Never go to a party empty handed! A clear glass pitcher is a great item to keep in your gift closet for any occasion!

Very Happy Gifting!




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