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Nordstrom Sale: Great Men's Gifts

Ok guys there are two big things going on here. One, the year is half over! I know, I know time has flown by but the year is half over and Christmas is coming! This year is going to be challenging just like last year. There are shipping and freight issues that are plaguing online and brick and mortar retailers that will probably not be resolved by the holiday shipping season. So, as always, my recommendation is to shop early—and because the year is half over—early means now!

The second item to bring to your attention (as if you need it brought to your attention any more than it already is, is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! The sale goes live to the public on July 28th and there are influencers all over the internet giving you great tips on what to buy for yourself. I am here to show you the things in the sale that will make great gifts. Since there is still a little time before Christmas, you can be selective about what to get and how to get it at the best price.

With all that in mind, here are some great gifts for the guys in your life!

|| sweatshirt + sweatpants

If his old sweats have a hole in them and it's time for an upgrade, gift him this matching sweat set, so when he's feeling casual he can still look put together.


|| dress shoes + shoe cleaning kit

If your guy hates to get dressed up, then these are the dress shoes for him! The upper of a dress shoe with a sneaker soul, excuse me sole, this shoe is a dress shoe he can wear all day. Paired with a cleaning kit to keep them in tip top shape, he will be set for all occasions.


|| brown belt + black belt

I know what you're thinking, um... two belts, why? And that's a fair question but when you really think about it, I bet you can think of at least one guy in your life that needs a belt and probably could use two different color belts for those days when he wants to dress it up or switch it up. So, get two belts!


|| jacket + backpack

For the guy that loves to travel, this warm, water repellent jacket paired with this carry-on worthy backpack is a great gift. As travel starts to pick back up again, splurge on quality pieces that will be used to travel for years to come!


|| baseball cap + rain boot

When the weather starts to turn from the sunny days of summer to the wetter days of fall and winter you'll be glad you picked up these great gifts. Protect him from the elements in a stylish way with these great boots and hat.


|| watch + watch box

For the gentleman, this is a handsome gift of a nice watch paired with a watch storage and display case to keep his collected timepieces all together.

Pick up some of these great gifts early this year so that you'll have some gifts already crossed off your list when this holiday season rolls around!

Very Happy Gifting!




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