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Nordstrom Sale: Best Baby + Kids Gifts on Sale Now

Ok guys there are two big things going on here. One, the year is half over! I know, I know time has flown by but there year is half over and Christmas is coming! So, as always, my recommendation is to shop early—and because the year is half over—early means now!

The second item to bring to your attention (as if you need it brought to your attention an more than it already is, is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! The sale is live to the public now! There are influencers all over the internet giving you great tips on what to buy for yourself. I am here to show you the things in the sale that will make great gifts. Since there is still a little time before Christmas, you can be selective about what to get and how to get it at the best price.

With all that in mind, here are some great baby gifts to grab for anyone on your gift list! If you know anyone who is pregnant now or is going to have a baby in the fall, grab up these great baby gifts.

|| diaper bag + diaper tower

Pair this adorable rose diaper bag with this diaper tower to help the new mom in your life get a head start in the diaper battle!


|| ride on suitcase + blanket + pillow

If you there is a child in your life that is starting to travel with their parents gift them (and their parents) these gifts that will make their travel day a little more enjoyable. This ride on suitcase will make walking to the gate a breeze. Paired with a super soft blanket and pillow will make in flight sleeping much more likely!


|| dino shirt + dino backpack + dino slippers

Kids love to ROAR! This shirt, mini backpack, and slippers combo definitely puts a little BITE into their fashion that they won’t be able to resist sinking their TEETH into!


|| metallic puffer vest + glitter headband + glitter sneakers

It’s time to shine bright like a diamond in glitter and sparkle! Add a little bit of shine to a child’s ensemble with these bright wardrobe accents.


|| sporty sweat suit + puffer jacket

For the future sports star, this cute sweat suit and puffy jacket are the perfect pair to stay warm and fashionable!


|| baby bunting + blanket

Keeping a baby snug and warm can be cute and adorable. This cute coral blanket paired with a snug bunting will bring warmth to the coldest days!


|| bathrobe + monster slippers

Kids need to relax too! Waking up in the morning to go to school or for breakfast on a Saturday morning requires the perfect outfit. As parents wake up and put on their robe and slippers, you can gift any kid the same little luxury!


|| leopard jacket + leopard leggings + leopard boots

For the pint-sized fashionista in your life this head to toe leopard ensemble will make her the adorable envy of all her friends!


|| blue jacket + blue sneakers

This cool, calm and collected look with coordinating blue sneakers and jacket is an easy gift to throw on and use any time!


|| bow headband + shampoo + conditioner

These gifts are great for stocking stuffers for the little one or make a great budget friendly little gift!

Pick up some of these great gifts early this year so that you'll have some gifts already crossed off your list when this holiday season rolls around!

Very Happy Gifting!




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