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My Grey Week Plan (AKA the week of Black Friday)

Every year I set out with a plan on how to tackle Black Friday and the subsequent days. Generally I hit the larger stores and malls on Black Friday, then I make way through the small town main streets on Small Business Saturday, and flea markets on Sunday. All this really gets me into the holiday spirit!

This year, here is my Grey Week shopping plan:

Monday – Wednesday: A girl’s gotta work! I’ve got to pay for all of these gifts somehow!

Thursday: A girl’s gotta eat!


On Black Friday I focus on big retailers & malls


  • Basket for niece

  • Basket for Mom

  • Faux Tree

  • Magazines

  • Stockings


  • Stocking Stuffers

  • Gift for my Mother in Law/Looking for Ideas

  • Michael's for boxes and box stuffing

  • Gift for my Brother in Law/Looking for Ideas

  • Gift for my Sister/Looking for Ideas

  • Gift for my niece and nephew/Looking for Ideas


On S.B.S. I focus on smaller boutiques, around the Los Angeles Area I will be checking out

Abbot Kinney, Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach. At smaller boutiques you can find

unexpected treasures, so it's important to keep an open mind and a thorough gift list.

  • Stocking Stuffers

  • Looking for Ideas

  • Gift for my boss, the company CEO


Flea Market Funday! I use this Sunday to shop for unique gifts at flea markets for those on

your gift list that need something extra special.

  • Gift for my boss, the company CEO

  • Gift for my other boss, the company Owner

  • Stocking Stuffers

  • Antique fishing lures for my Father

Cyber Monday:

On Cyber Monday I focus on the online retailer that do not have a brick and mortar

location. This is a great day to double check your list and snatch up any online deals for

any remaining recipients.

  • Blanket for my Mother

  • Pie dish for my Mother

  • Skillet for my Father

I hope my quick list of shopping destinations helps you kick off your season of shopping giving.



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