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Kids Gift Guide 2022

The joy of seeing a child's face light up on Christmas morning is what memories are made of! Here are great gift ideas to help create that once a year surprise and delight. Whether they are into the arts, learning or just want to play all day, these gifts will make your present the one they can't wait to enjoy all year long!


Kiwi Crate Activity Box

For the one that loves to create:

Kiwi Crate offers a variety of great activity boxes that teach children through the act of play, gift one box for the perfect afternoon activity or gift a monthly subscription for reoccurring fun!

What will I be book

For the curious one:

If you're little one is into so many things, but is interested in the future, gift them this fun book that looks at just some of the possibilities.

Spend, save share bank

For the one always asking for money:

This bank helps children learn the value of a dollar and how to spend, save, and share their hard earned allowance.

Cloud and sky shape sorter

For the one that's learning the fundamentals:

This adorable shape sorter is perfect for the little one who's learning their shapes, while still being aesthetically pleasing to the mother that has created a beautiful nursery.

Little People Big Dreams Book

For the dreamer:

The possibilities are endless for children so gift them a book that shows them all they can be and all that so many great minds have achieved.



Giant Coloring Poster

For the one that loves to draw on the walls:

Put this giant poster for them to color at a moments notice!

Llama Music Maker

For the one that walks (or crawls) to the beat of their own drum:

Gift them this adorable music maker that will look perfect in any nursery while feeding their inner musician!

Three dimensional doodle pen

For the one the loves to doodle:

Sometimes a 2D drawing is just not enough! Give them the ability to touch and feel their creations in a whole new way with this 3D doodler.

Music Box

For the one that loves a gentle melody:

This music box is perfect for any child in need of soft melodic song to send them to slumberland.

Personalized Comic Book

For the one who's into action and adventure:

This personalized comic book is a great gift for anyone into the DC or Marvel universe! They will love reading about their own adventure and creating the next chapter of the story together, will be a gift that keeps on giving!

Karaoke Microphone

For the one who can't stop singing to the radio:

If you have the next Taylor, Olivia or Harry on your hands, then this microphone is the perfect item to put under the tree to encourage their on stage pursuits!



Brass Calvary Horn

For the one who likes to round up their toys:

Hup, two, three, four... if your recipient love their action figures and stuffed animals to fall in line, this brass Calvary horn lets them call everyone to attention.

Build your own fort kit

For the one who likes to hide and seek:

This create your own fort kit allows to to embrace their inner architect and create the perfect space for themselves.

Play dough making kit

For the one who likes to mold and create:

This gift lets your child make this dough in the kitchen and then play with their own creation of play dough.

Mushroom Basket

For the one who loves to make believe:

Whether they'd love a home for their little toys or a cute carrying basket, this adorable mushroom basket is a multitasker!

Play high heels

For the one who plays dress up:

These play shoes will keep any mom's nice heels safe and sound while encouraging their imagination.

For the one who likes to decorate:

Gift them the ability to decorate their own space from top to bottom. Let them color and draw on this fun blank playhouse to make their own space they can enjoy.



Oreo Dunk Set

For the one that wants to dunk:

For sporty kids and kids with a sweet tooth alike, this dunk set will earn major points!

Puzzle caddy

For the one that loves puzzles:

If there is limited table space, this puzzle caddy will keep the puzzle and pieces in place for the next time the table is available.

Hopstotch rug

For the one with a playroom:

This hopscotch rug is the perfect addition to any playroom. Help them enjoy the feeling of the summer, while insde during the winter!

Go Fish Card Game

For the one who loves card games:

This fun take on a Go Fish card game is perfect for any kid that loves a great table game.

Bubble gun

For the one who loves to blow bubbles:

This bubble gun allows them to get the maximum amount of bubbles for a fun time outside!

Scary Bingo with Monsters

For the one who loves to win:

The competitive monster in us all would love to play this bingo with family or friends!


Very happy shopping for the kids in your life! If you're still looking for great gift ideas, check out our gift guide page.

Very Happy Gifting!




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