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How to Use Pinterest to be a Great Gift Giver

We all love Pinterest! And if you’re not on Pinterest let me convince you in this post to start your account. Pinterest is a visual search engine where you can search for answers through images. Searches like “gifts for mom” or “gifts for Father’s Day” will yield great ideas for your gift giving holidays and events but how are you keeping track of all of these great ideas? If you don’t have a strategy or are still pinning all of your pins to your general board, I’m here to help you with the perfect Pinterest gifting strategy.

1. Pin from everywhere

We all dedicate time on Pinterest to searching for images and pinning them to their boards which is great. However, don’t forget to pin your inspiring images that you see on Instagram, blogs and websites. If you’re browsing a store’s website while buying something for yourself and you come across a great gift idea, pin it. If you haven’t downloaded the Pinterest pin button to your browser, make sure to do that so you can quickly and easily add any image to your boards. This will save the link and image so you can come back to it at any time, like when you’re gift shopping! Any time you come across something interesting that you think someone in your life will love, save that image because you won’t remember to head back to that website when the holidays roll around.

2. Create general boards

Now that you’re pinning from every site you visit on the internet, you’re going to need a way to organize all these pins. Create general boards for the gift ideas you are finding. I like to have “Gift ideas” board for items that I think are great but I don’t know who I’d give it to as a gift. I also like to have a “Gifts for Women” and a “Gifts for Men” board to keep general male and female gifts. Did you see a great shaving kit that would be great for someone, but you’re not sure who—save it to your “Gifts for Men” board. Did you come across a beautiful scarf but you’re not sure which lovely lady in your life is going to receive it—pin it to your “Gifts for Women” board.

3. Create Specific Boards

Even though you have general boards for different types of recipients in your life, such as men, women, children etc., now it’s time to create boards for each person on your gift list, from your mom to your mail carrier. Then as you find gifts on Pinterest or see images of items that might work for each recipient, save it to their board. This comes in handy when it’s time to shop for any or all of your gift recipients for any occasion. A scroll of images on anyone’s board will bring so many ideas for Christmas presents, birthdays and so much more!

You can always check out VHM’s Pinterest page for great gift ideas for any occasion and every recipient. So until your next gift giving occasion, keep pinning to find the perfect gift!

Very Happy Gifting!



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