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How to Prepare Yourself For Black Friday (through Cyber Monday)

In many states shopping malls might not be open and the stores that are open will have a reduced capacity and therefore allow less people in store. This means that our Black Friday experience is going to be different this year. Let’s call it Cyber Black Friday! This year many more deals will be, and have already started, online. In order for you to be prepared I’ve outlined a complete strategy so you can make the most out of your Black Friday shopping!

1. Make a list, check it twice.

If you haven’t created a Christmas list for all the people you need to give gifts to, I ask you, What Are You Waiting For? There’s no time like the present! Make a list of people you need to shop for. Feel free to use my resources to get really organized if you haven't already!

2. Brainstorm

After making that list think about what type of present you want to give them, if you know exactly what you want to give, great! Write down that specific present. If you don’t know exactly what you’re giving write down a rough idea. If you’re thinking about a sweater for Mom, or a tech gift for Dad, write down those rough gift categories even if they aren’t specific.

3. Locations

Now think about where you might get those items. Whether they are specific gifts or general categories where would you shop for them? Tech gifts for Dad, Best Buy. Sweaters or clothing for Mom, Nordstrom. Beauty gifts for your Sister, Sephora.

4. Pin Tabs

Now it’s time to pin tabs on your internet browser. Go to each store that you listed above and pin each store’s homepage your browser’s window. For most browsers, all you have to do is open a tab, go to a website, right click and select "pin tab". Double check that when you close and reopen your browser that your tabs are still there. Some browsers get glitchy and I want you to be ready for Black Friday. That way, as soon as you open your computer all of the stores are quickly listed for you! All you have to do is go from tab to tab to shop. This also allows me to have all of my shopping carts open at once so I see how much I’m spending that day. Pin tabs of stores you know you want gifts from but also from places you regularly shop. You can also pin any URL, which means you can pin google searches of items. Go ahead and pin a google search of that expensive Dyson Vaccuum your Mom wants, and then look at the prices that come up on Google on Black Friday.

5. Add to cart… In advance

If one of your pinned tabs is to a retailer that will let you keep things in your cart, then by all means, shop in advance! Add any and all ideas to the cart so that you could purchase. Then on sale day, refresh your browser to see the current sale price. Remember that not all retailers keep record of what’s in your cart so you might want to test this before the big day. Notable cart keepers include Amazon and Nordstrom so I can add items to cart there and they will be either saved in the cart, saved for later or added to a wish list.

6. Don’t Waste Time

I suggest you don’t waste time with stores you never shop. If you don’t shop at Macy’s, don’t pin that tab but if you’re always shopping at Bloomingdales, then definitely pin that store. You can browse Macy’s later in the day if you like, after your go-to stores have been shopped first. This will help you get the best selection at your key stores and you won’t mind shopping through the lowered inventory at stores you don’t absolutely love!

7. Prioritize

This is not the time to save the best for last! Get your most requested, most limited, best gift first! It may not be there after the weekend is over and then you will have to spend a lot of time and energy thinking of a new gift idea. If that happens, we can help!

8. Prepare your shopping station

Don't overlook this last step! You’ll want to prepare an area that you plan to do your shopping from. You’ll want to be in a comfortable place, but not a place you can see yourself getting too comfortable! Get your computer out and place your wallet and credit cards out right beside the keyboard. Grab your holiday list and a pen and paper to write notes, cross off people and gifts as you shop. Prepare a snack and a beverage so that you are prepared for any needs.

This all might seem extreme, but since items are moving faster than ever and shipping is probably going to be delayed for the later orders that are placed, you want to get your order in ASAP! My biggest tip is to buy what you want and need as soon as possible. Most retailers will price adjust items if you can prove that it went on sale or if it was cheaper elsewhere. And if you buy a gift for someone, and then later think another gift could be better, then most retails will let you return but do your research on the retailer before you buy too many gifts for the same person hoping to return later.

I hope these tips helped! Good luck and have fun!

Very Happy Shopping!




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