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How to Bring Food to a Party as a Gift

Have you ever been tasked with bringing something to a party? Did you ask yourself how can I make this look like the best hostess gift ever, while still helping with the party? No problem! We’ve got some great tips that will work no matter what you’re asked to bring. From appetizers to dessert, these simple tips will help you take your food fix to a great hostess gift!


If you need to bring a specific category of food—appetizer, main course or dessert make sure to stick to your category. The last thing you want to do is hinder the hostess by not bringing what you said you’d bring. So how do you make your food cute, you ask? Keep reading!


Here’s where the gift comes in! Add your food to the cutest tray you can find, one that your hostess will love. This combines a sensational serving platter and a savory (or sweet) treat that you promised you’d bring.


What makes a present look like a present, gift wrap of course! For food, I love to wrap in clear cellophane so that the hostess can see the food and the present within the wrapping. The last thing you want is a perishable item degrading under opaque gift wrap because they didn’t know they were supposed to open it right away.

So, for the next barbeque, party or soiree you’re invited to, you will have a great gift in hand and a mouthwatering treat!

Very Happy Gifting!



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