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Great Valentine's Gifts from the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

I love to shop in advance! Of course, I am always shopping ahead of Christmas and birthdays but Valentine’s Day is no different. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is on now and it is a great time to grab up some on sale gifts for yourself or the one you love.

Valentine's Day is a holiday where I love to give a gift that is a little lighter. These gifts can be a little more fun and playful for the one you love! Check out these great gift ideas:

Great Valentine's Gifts For the Lady in Your Life:

This set that is a great gift for any lady on your list. I love this set for your wife or girlfriend with a little cheeky note that says, “this is for those few nights when we don’t keep each other up all night!”

These earrings are ever so cute and perfect for the one who has your heart all locked up!

These delicate heart earrings are perfect for the one that has your heart.

Give her this set because it’s everything she needs for her lips, except your lips of course!

This delightfully edgy bracelet is perfect for the love in your life that loves all thigs chic! I love the idea of wrapping this gift and pinning a note to the package that says, “My heart will always be pinned to yours.”

Great Valentine's Gifts For Men:

For the one you to spend all all your time with.

For the romantic moments when you look deep into their eyes, but it's also bright!

Because they've been running through your mind all day, and for the past three years (or however long you’ve been with your mate).

Because you love getting soooo close to them.

Because they make your heart sing!

If you’ve found something that will make your sweetheart smile on Valentine’s Day, grab it soon before the sale is over!

Very Happy Gifting!




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