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Great Shippable Gifts: Vibes Charcuterie Boards

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Sometimes the best gift is delivered by a company directly to the gift recipient. As much as I love to be able to control the gift’s contents, packaging and presentation sometimes the best option is to let someone else handle it. Not only can shipping a package from a third party be the perfect gift but it can also make things really easy on you! That’s why I’m showing you great options to send to anyone for those occasions when you’re in a time crunch or just want to send something unique.

Recently I purchased several different charcuterie options from a Southern California based company, Vibes.

The Order:

Item: Sweet Vibe

Size: The Sweet Box - Individual Serving

Item: Weekend Vibe

Size: The Duo - Serves 1-2

Item: San Francisco Vibe

Size: The Fam - Serves 2-4

Item: LA Vibe

Size: The Duo - Serves 1-2

Delivery & Arrival:

When you place your order through their website, you enter in what time you’d like your boards delivered. You are notified when the items are out for delivery and then notified again as your items get closer or when they have arrived. Overall, great attention was paid to the delivery of the order.


There are times when you receive an order and things need to be put together or assembled to look like what you ordered. This is not the case here, everything arrives beautifully arranged and packaged so that all you need to do is remove the wrapping and enjoy!


Everything that I received was fresh and delicious. Each board had a great selection of items that all went well together to create great flavors.

How to Gift:

I love these boards to send as a surprise gift or to celebrate a special occasion like or to get delivered for a sweet picnic date (um, Valentine's Day, Anniversaries!). I would love to send this to a new Momma just home from the hospital after giving birth, what a great way to take one more task off her plate by putting delicious food on it!

Another benefit to these boards is that you have so many healthy options. We all love getting sweet treats delivered but it’s nice to have an option for a fresh treat sometimes. Vibes also offers experiences which I am dying to try!

This is not a paid post, all items were paid for and enjoyed by me.

Very Happy Gifting!



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