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Great Gifts for Taurus

Taurus star sign dates: April 20 – May 20

The Taurus symbol is the Bull because of their resilience and stubbornness! And, like a bull, they can be both frighteningly fierce or serenely gentle.

Taurus' are calm, organized and materialistic. They like the good things in life, and they have a hidden artistic/aesthetic side. Money is important to them because it provides security AND the ability to indulge in pleasure... both of which are their ‘catnip’.


When I think of this description of a Taurus, I think of a dear friend of mine. This describes her to a T! Now, not all Taurus’ are the same but what she has in common with this description is that she is organized, materialistic, likes the good things in life and finds money important. If your Taurus is similar they will love these gift ideas!

Their Materialistic Nature and Love of the Finer Things:

Being materialistic isn't necessarily a bad thing and I'm not sure any of us would turn down "the finer things" if they were offered to us. This Taurus attribute makes me think that they will like established brands that scream luxury.

drybar gift certificate

A drybar gift certificate is the perfect way to allow your Taurus enjoy the finer things. If you're unfamiliar with drybar, they offer hair blowouts and styling which can be indulged in prior to a big event or to make an ordinary day feel extraordinary!

This Slip Sleep Set is a little touch of luxury, great for anyone's bed. The silk pillowcase decreases friction on the face and hair and doesn't absorb moisture like a regular cotton pillowcase. Leaving your face and hair less frazzled in the morning.

Their Love of Pleasure:

When I read "Money is important to them because it provides security AND the ability to indulge in pleasure... both of which are their ‘catnip’." I immediately thought of experiential gifts! Gifts where you can pay to give them joy, pleasure, excitement etc.

This big, cozy bathrobe is the perfect pairing to a spa gift certificate! Find their favorite local spa or one they've been dreaming of going to and slide the envelope into the opening of the robe so when it's opened there is a double surprise!

I love Lids for their selection of caps for all sports! Find the perfect sporting event that will exhilarate you Taurus and pair it with a cap to wear to the game! Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, what ever tickles their fancy!


My Taurus friend writes everything down in a list, and has to tackle one obstacle at a time. If the Taurus in your life is anything like this then they will benefit in some lovely organizational accessories!

I love these cord organizers because they are so chic and so useful! They also offers monogramming and you know a Taurus would love a little extra touch that makes these personal!

This Tech Organizer is perfect for the purse, car or suitcase, this organizational insert keeps everything in its place and has a place for everything. Also, monogramming is available!

Do these gifts fit the bill for your Taurus? What traits do they embody and what traits are absolutely NOT them?

Very Happy Gifting!





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