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gifts to reset the home

If you’ve put all your holiday decorations away and your place is feeling a little empty, then you’re not alone! The bright lights from a Christmas tree and glitzy accessories that embrace a home during the holidays are sorely missed when January comes around. January is the perfect time to gift home accessories that usher in a new season and add to yearlong décor.

Replace Holiday Lights with Candles

Missing the shining lights of a Christmas tree brightening the living room or the sparkling fairy lights around the house? The glow of holiday lights make a home feel warmer. Extend that warmth all season long with some new candles that will flicker through the new year. These make a great gift to add a festive feeling to the home all year long!


Replace Christmas Tree Greenery a Faux Tree

A Christmas tree is a big statement in a holiday home, so when it’s gone a room can feel empty or sparse. If you’re looking to replace the feeling you get when you have a decorated tree in your home pick up a faux tree to make your space feel more inviting.


Replace Cravings for Holiday Treats with New Serveware

If you’re still craving the stuffing from Thanksgiving, the cookies from Christmas and your family favorite recipe that your aunt always makes then it’s time to add a new platter to your kitchen. New trays and platters will bring a bright fresh feeling into the home and inspire yummy recipes for the new year. Gift one of these trays with your favorite recipe included for your recipient to try!


Replace Family Visits with Framed Family Photos

If you’re missing your family, it’s time to freshen up your décor with picture frames and family photos to keep them top of mind all year. Gift one of these beautiful frames with a family photo they posted on social media to bring them right back to that family gathering any time they look at it!


Replace Eye-catching Wrapping Paper with Throw Blankets

Whether your tree was home to brown paper packages wrapped with string or glitter wrapping paper and iridescent bows, those boxes added something special. Add that touch of uniqueness back to the room with a stunning throw blanket. You might not have wrapped presents all year long, but you can wrap yourself in something beautiful while relaxing on the couch.


These home accents all make great gifts for anyone to fill the empty spaces of their home, left lacking by stored decorations. These gifts will make a home feel warm, festive and inviting until the holiday season starts again!

Very Happy Gifting!




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