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Gifts for Plant Lovers

Plants are a great gift to anyone who has a green thumb or anyone who wants one and with Earth Week in full swing, it's time to appreciate our green leaved friends! Plants are so beneficial in many ways, they release oxygen into the atmosphere, absorb carbon dioxide, provide habitat and food for humans and of course, our furry friends to name just a few ways.

Here are a few gift ideas to give to those who love plants!

Succulent Garden Gift

I know what you're thinking, um... it isn't exactly ground breaking to get a plant lover a plant. While this is true, this a beautifully curated plant selection that is hard to kill. Succulents have a durability to them that even someone with a deadly reputation, when it comes to plants at least, can keep alive.

Self Watering Planter

If your recipient has more plants than they can count, but has an equal amount of calendar appointments, get them a great planter to help balance their plant parenthood with their busy schedule. This planter stores water for, well--ok maybe not a rainy day but whenever it needs water!

Watering Plant Globes

If you have a recipient looking for a set-it-and-forget-it approach to owning plants then this gift is a great choice for them. These containers store water for whenever the plants need it, making taking care of a plant a breeze!

Hopefully these are some great ideas for the plant lover in your life this Spring but now it's time for me to leaf (you get it, leaf?)!

Very Happy Gifting!



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