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Gifts for Cancer Zodiac Signs

Cancer Personality Traits | Cancer dates: June 21 – July 22

Cancers are considered the homebody of the zodiac. Typical Cancer traits include being nurturing, sensitive, compassionate, self-protective, security-seeking and offering, loving, and displaying a goofy, ingratiating sense of humor.

They are natural-born caregivers. Since the emotional, maternal moon influences Cancer’s personality so intensely, the water sign tends to prioritize — and occasionally twist themselves into knots — to make most people in their life feel even slightly more comfortable and secure. They’ll pour their heart into caring for plants and pets just as much as they do loved ones. Cooking or baking meals and treats with a ton of love is their specialty, but if a moment calls for a sentimental card, bouquet of flowers, or FaceTime catch-up session, they’ll be all in on that as well. And while they’re loyal to the core and will always show up for their friends, family comes first for these heartfelt homebodies.

To show these caring souls how much you care, here are some great gift ideas!

F O R C H I L L I N' A T H O M E :

If it's Friday night, your Cancer might be having a great time at home. Make their night even better with a bottle of wine, a Vinglace wine chiller and a set of beautiful coasters! Whether their alone or with friends these gifts will make their night in even more special.

H O M E D E C O R F O R T H E H O M E B O D Y :

Since Cancers love to be home, give them a gift that helps them decorate their home and makes it look great. The combination of a great design book like AD at 100, that not only inspires home design but also looks great on a coffee table, pairs well with a cute and cozy blanket throw.

B L I N G T O M A K E T H E M F E E L S P E C I A L :

If you want to give your Cancer gift recipient a little something to make them feel special, I love this necklace Chill Pill Necklace that not only looks beautiful but also gives them a gentle reminder when the emotions of a Cancer get too intense. If you're willing to splurge, I love pairing this necklace with Maison Miru's Chaos Necklace for all the times when they feel it's impossible to chill!

What are you getting for the Cancer sign in your life?

Very Happy Gifting!





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