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Gift Guide: Women

I am so excited for these gifts! I think they will be perfect for so many people on your list! Scroll through and find great gifts for your friends and family. This year everyone could use a little something to make them feel extra special!

This set is perfect for anyone who loves to keep their guest bathroom in an impressive state. And to be honest, who doesn’t need more soap right now? This off-white set is the perfect neutral set for anyone’s bathroom!

Let’s talk about getting cozy! Silk pajamas are a super luxurious gift and perfect for this era where we are spending so much time at home.

Pendleton blankets are legendary! They are cozy and look incredible on anyone’s bed. They come in a bevy of bold patterns and colors as well as neutral tones. I personally have gifted a Pendleton blanket to someone who is obsessed with home décor and they were IN LOVE with it! So, I definitely recommend this as a gift.

The chicest trick in home styling is throwing a sheepskin rug over anything, really anything. They make hard wood chairs soft, also putting them on upholstered furniture takes them up a level. This makes a great gift since we are spending so much time at home, so many of us are spending the time and money to spruce up our homes. I have several sheepskins and I also love using the white rugs as fake snow for holiday décor and as a tree skirt!

These days we are cleaning (and recleaning) everything! This elegant makeup brush sanitizer not only looks lovely in any bathroom it sanitizes makeup brushes. We all know someone, or we might be that someone who’s makeup brushes are Dirty—with a capital D! This is perfect for any makeup maven or cleanliness connoisseur.

Just buy this! This is one of those gifts you can give to literally anyone. It’s a chic bracelet is a stunning accessory on it’s own, but it also charges your phone! When your battery dies, how convenient would it be to just flip open your bracelet? This is great for anyone that uses their phone—so everyone!

Close your eyes, well don’t because you have to read this, but imagine stepping out of a hot shower and the crisp winter air hits your skin, giving you goosebumps all over. You reach for a towel, not a room temperature towel to simply dry off but a perfectly warmed towel that engulfs you in warming heat! Now imagine giving that feeling as a gift, they will think of you every time they feel warm!

Brooklinen is making a name for themselves in sheets, but their towels are equally as nice. A nice set of towels is a great pairing to the towel warmer gift in number seven!

I have been eyeing this hard case toiletry case for a while. Last Christmas they introduced it as a limited time item and it sold out now they have it back as a regular item and it comes in so many colors. Filling this with beauty and toiletry samples would be a great gift. This is on my personal wish list! I’m thinking of getting different colors for different purposes. I’d store tech accessories in one so my portable hard drive, chargers and back up battery are protected when I travel. Toiletries in another case, and maybe a third just in case! Get it, case!

I love my Away Luggage Bigger Carry-on. I have the version with the battery included. This suitcase has the option to have a built in, yet removable, battery to charge your phone while rolling through the airport. It is a great feature for someone who travels a lot. Even if you’re thinking that we’re not traveling a ton right now, this is still a great gift so that your recipient is ready for their next trip!

A silk pillow case and eye mask set is such a great gift for anyone who wants to feel a little extra special when they go to bed or wake up. A silk pillow case helps skin and hair retain moisture for better hair and skin after a night of sleep. The eye mask helps block out light while still helping the delicate eye area retain moisture. Pair this with the silk PJ’s in number two and your recipient will feel spoiled rotten!

Have you picked the perfect gift for the ladies in your life? Don't wait too long, these are sure to sell out!

Very Happy Gifting!





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