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Gift Guide: The Home Chef

We have rounded some great gifts for the person who is always in the kitchen, and loves it that way! Whether they have a specialty of the house (their house) or are an all around connoisseur of culinary cuisine, these gifts will bring a smile to their face and a rumbling to their belly!

Julia Child Mastering the art of French Cooking Cookbook

Whether they are just starting their cooking journey or on their way to master chef status a cookbook from a legendary chef is a great gift!


This vase is a great gift for the chef who also loves beautiful home decor. Soon this vase will yield a sculptural plant as well as provide a great addition to any meal!


Tortilla Press

For the chef (and kitchen) that needs every gadget this tortilla press will come in handy on Taco Tuesday!


Pizza STone

Whatever your favorite toppings might be, this pizza stone will evenly heat and absorb moisture to perfect a delicious, crispy crust!


Truffle Pizza Gift Set Kit

Just add truffles to make any meal a little more luxe, including pizza! This truffle pizza set will help them make the fanciest pizza ever!


A yummy meal with adorable packaging... sounds like a great gift idea to me!


Gift these spices from around the world to add some global flavor to their dishes!


Fly By Jing Spice Trio

This sauce trio is the perfect addition to any meal that needs a bit of spice!


Baking Rolling pin flour shaker

For the baker, this two-in-one rolling pin and flour shaker is the perfect kitchen tool!


Chain Saw Pizza Cutter

This is such a cute gift to give with a gift certificate to their favorite pizza restaurant.

Reusable Food Wrap Sheets

These reusable food wraps make a great stocking stuffer for any home chef who will inevitably only use part of an onion or tomato etc.


Joy of Cooking Leather bound cookbook

This gift is a great kitchen accessory that combines beautiful form and delicious function!


Thawing Plate

When they need to expedite the thawing process, this plate will get their meat ready to cook!


Very Happy Gifting!





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