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Gift Guide: For the Guys

Man oh man! Finding a gift for the men in your life can be tough, but not with these gift ideas! I've rounded up some great items that will make your man happy.

Espresso Recipe Mug

For the at-home barista, this mugs has espresso beverage recipes printed right on the glass!


Tile Locator Set

Finding a great gift can be hard but finding all of you necessities doesn't have to be! These tile locators are a great gift for even the most absent minded person.

Cashmere Socks Gift Pack

Until you receive cashmere socks as a gift yourself, you can't truly appreciate how nice of a gift they are! Trust me, they will appreciate this little luxury gift.

Watch Box

This elegant storage makes a great gift especially if he like has a nice selection of wrist ware to choose from!

Shoe Horn

A shoe horn helps ease a foot into the tightest of dress shoes. This is a great gift for the man that truly has everything. Pair this with cashmere socks for the refined gentleman in your life.


Pipe Match Striker

Light a fire within him with this fun match striker gift. Perfect for a man's home or home office. Pair with any candle for a great gift!


Everyone needs to be prepared for a disaster but no one thinks about it until after a disaster happens. Hopefully this is a gift that will never have to be used.


Personalized Key Ring with Phot

For a man always on the go, help them keep their loved ones close to their heart with this personalized key chain!


Entertainment Center Record Player

This entertainment center and record player is a great gift for the music lover!


Newspaper Birthday Book

This unique gift catalogs the front page of The New York Times from every birthday of their life. This is a great gift for a Dad or Grandfather who likes to reflect on things that happened "back in my day..."


Tattoo Coffee Table Book

For anyone who is contemplating getting new ink, this book will give him some inspiration! Or it will at least make him look really tough when it's on his coffee table.


Luxe glass clear ashtray

For anything that they smoke, this ashtray gift is an elegant catchall for any type of ash.


Whiskey Infusion Kit

Paired with their favorite whiskey this whiskey infusion kit is a tasty way for them to customize their favorite beverage!


Battery organizer

For the man who has an organized garage, this battery organizer is a great addition! Fill it with all the needed batteries to make this gift even better.


Very Happy Gifting!





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