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Flower Vase Round Up

The warmer weather is here and all the flowers are in full bloom. They are also at the grocery store (Trader Joe's peonies anyone?) and there is a large variety of bouquets is in stock at every florists' shop as well. If you're gifting anyone some beautiful flowers this season, make sure to pair them with a great vase that will add even more beauty to their space!

This lovely vase with it's feminine ribbing and pale pink color is the perfect gift to pair with matching pale pink ranunculus and roses!


This gorgeous vase, designed around a gingko leaf, is sculptural on it's own but really makes an impact when filled with flowers. This sculptural design would be complemented by the sculptural petal of the elegant orchid!


This mesmerizing vase made of acrylic houses and reflects a plethora of colors, making it the perfect pairing for pretty pastel petals--say that three times fast!


Accented by it's sculptural, wavy arms, this vase that would add an artistic touch to anyone's home. To further emphasize these waves, add a lovely flower with petals that are equally as wavy. I recommend the underrated carnation as a great pairing, when arranged in this wavy vase these economical flowers will make this gift look fancy!


This clear vase is anything but boring! Angles and an interesting silhouette is paired with clear, slightly textured glass, making it perfect for bold blossoms in saturated colors!


These vases will pair nicely with any blooms for your recipient this season! You can gift the bouquet tied to the top of the wrapped vase in a coordinating wrapping paper, or you can pop the flowers in the vase for a first impression that will wow!

Very Happy Gifting!




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