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Elderly Gift Guide 2022

These gifts are perfect for your grandparents or any elderly person on your list. All of these great gifts will go even better with when given with the gift of quality time!

Either of these gifts would be great on their own or you can pair them together! Pair a personalized puzzle with the perfect place to put the pieces together, for a great activity you can also participate in!

Custom Picture Puzzle

A custom puzzle is the perfect way to immortalize a family photo, baby photos or if you're creative you can create an image with graphics and notes to make into a puzzle.

Puzzle Board Workplace

This dedicated workplace for puzzles is a great gift for someone who wants to work on the puzzle a little at a time. Drawers for edges and similar color groupings make this a perfect gift!


This beautiful pairing is perfect for any bird watcher that wants to wear her passion on her sleeve. This elegant scarf is a great addition to any outfit or outerwear, while this matching brooch will leave her smelling wonderful as well.

This scented accent is a great outfit addition for an effortlessly elegant, pulled together look.

Keep her warm and sophisticated with this beautifully neutral accessory that pairs well with any ensemble.


Los Angeles Times Newspaper Birthday Book

This collection of newspaper front pages on their birthday all the way back to the day they were born will give them a glimpse at the history they've lived through. Treat them to the pages of the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune or the Washington Post.


Put you loved one's favorite treats in this picnic basket to make a great gift pairing! Oh yeah, and don't forget to take them on a picnic this spring--quality time is the real gift!

Pressed Flower Shortbread Cookies

These beautiful shortbread cookies are a perfectly pretty gift on their own but when paired with a picnic basket they are even sweeter!

Picnic Basket

Pack up their favorite treats in this wooden picnic basket that also makes a great decor catch-all when you're not noshing in the park!


Mug + Tea

Drinking tea is a delightful ritual to start or end the day. Gift them a quiet moment by giving this temperature controlled mug and an elegant tea sampler.

Keep their coffee or tea hot all morning long with this temperature controlled mug.

Tea Sampler

Keep their mug full all winter long with this chic tea set.


Upload your family's new pictures to this smart frame and keep your elderly loved ones in the loop! Whether it's an engagement, graduation or new baby, keep their photos current with all of life's updates! Oh, and be sure to set it up for them before you leave on Christmas.


Every woman cares about their hair and it's even more precious as we age. If you're elderly loved one has stunning silver locks, this pairing is a great gift.

Help her get all the tangles out with this new hair brush that is oh so popular in luxe circles these days.

Hair Comb and Clip Set

This chic set will keep her hair out of her face and in place!


Sleep is so important at every age! Gently wake them up with this light alarm and put them to sleep gently with this silk pillowcase.

Light Alarm

This alarm clock gently wakes you up by increasing the brightness of light in a shade of your choice.

This soft silk pillowcase is great for protecting hair and skin while being a super soft place to lay your head at the end of the day.


This low maintenance equivalent to a candle is the perfect scented gift that will never burn your house down!


Staying warm in the winter can turn into a full time job so gift this electric foot warmer with a cozy pair of socks to keep them warm all season long.

This toasty toe tamer keeps feet warm while watching a movie on the sofa, or reading a book.

Super Soft Socks

These super soft socks are great for lounging around the house!


Everyone is beautiful and the gift of glam is great at every age! For the recipient that embraces their beauty regardless of their birthday, this is the perfect gift.

Luxury Engravable Lipstick

Lipstick from a luxury line is a treat in itself but when it's engraved with their name, initials or encouraging phrase it's extra special!

Lipstick holder display

Pair any (round tubed) lipstick with a lipstick holder for a beautiful display of her most cherished shades!


Selfwatering Countertop Grower

For the chef, keep fresh herbs to cook with all year long with this minimal, self-watering countertop grower.


Very happy shopping for the elderly loved ones in your life! If you're still looking for great gift ideas, check out our gift guide page.

Very Happy Gifting!




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