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Easter Hostess Gifts

So you’ve gotten your Easter plans written in stone and the day is planned out! You’re attending a beautiful Easter meal at a friend’s or family member's home and you can’t wait to dive into all of the holiday goodies! But do you have a lovely gift to thank them for hosting this event and feeding you (and maybe your family as well)? Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered, here are some great gift ideas for the Easter hostess!

Tea Set

I love this tea set as a hostess gift because it’s the perfect gift to say, thank you for doing all of this work here is a little gift for you that will help you relax when all of the festivities are over! This simply beautiful tea cup, paired with ten tea infusers is such a nice way to show your gratitude!

Wine Chiller

If you were already planning on bringing wine to the party anyway, why not bring it over in this lovely hostess gift? This elegant wine chiller will keep a bottle of wine chilled for hours! Don’t be surprised if your wine is opened immediately upon receipt!

Cake Plates

I love giving a cake plate, especially if you were asked to bring a dessert! Bringing a cake, pie, cupcakes or cookies in a stunning display dish, that you won’t have to worry about bringing home with you is an excellent way to give the gift of dessert AND the plate!

Whether you’re hosting the Easter festivities this year and want to add a few items to your own party collection or are giving these items to the hostess-with-the-mostess, I hope you have a great Easter!

Very Happy Easter!




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