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Easter Eggs For Adults

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

What’s Easter without an Easter egg hunt? The fun of searching, scouring and finding the treasure hidden inside Easter eggs is a holiday highlight, for sure! But what about the adults in the room? Do you miss the fun of finding Easter eggs and treasure hunting? Fear not, we have a solution. An adult Easter egg hunt of course.

After the kids find all of their eggs, filled with candy, dollars and cents, it’s time to fill up your eggs with adult goodies and hide them for friends to find. Need ideas for what to fill your adult eggs with? We’re posting great ideas for Easter egg fill starting with the eggs for the ladies in your life.


First, you’ll need some “grown-up” eggs. For this egg hunt let’s skip the smaller eggs that are normally filled for children’s Easter egg hunts. These eggs from Target are larger than your average Easter egg. They’re perfect for filling with girly treats for the women in your life.


Now that you’ve gotten a decent size egg to fill, it’s time to add some treasures! For these eggs we went with these Voluspa candles that are small and macaron shaped. They are delightfully sweet smelling and come in perfect, spring pastel colors. With their petite stature they fit nicely into these large Easter eggs.


You can’t have an Easter egg without having a sweet treat inside! And what delicious treat pairs nicely with a macaroon candle… a macaron cookie! Sweet and delicious, they are available in so many colors and flavors from your local bakery. These I purchased from the bakery in Whole Foods in colors and flavors to match the candles.

Now that you have the key components of an adult Easter egg, the possibilities are endless! Here we’ve broken up a set of candles and matched them with macaroon cookies but you can add almost anything small to these eggs. Break up a lipstick set and pair it with lipstick chocolates or Hershey kisses! Grab pretty nail polishes and pair them with painted chocolates. All of these options would be great for an adult Easter egg hunt!

Very Happy Easter!




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