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Christmas in July | Spa Lover's Gift Guide

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

If you're looking for gifts for the friend that loves a spa day, whether at home or at a luxurious, beautiful spa. They are always ready for a little pampering! It's indulging in Spa Day Saturday or Self-Care Sunday they are going to treat themselves to some well deserved rest and relaxation.

Incense burner

The first step to creating an at home spa experience is adding a relaxing scent throughout your home. This elegant incense burner smells AND looks like it belongs in a high end spa, with beautiful brass and stone accents.


Pair this beautiful burner with some extra incense sticks so your recipients can switch

up their spa scents!

Give your recipient's bathroom a spa makeover with this hand soap colored and fashioned to look like a semi-precious stone.


A soap dish out of a matching stone would make this a spa worthy gift!

Silk sleep set pillowcase and eye mask

The best part of a spa day is sleeping so well after a really good massage or treatment. Gift that good sleep feeling with this silk sleep set.


Pair this sleep set with a deep sleep spray to make that spa day last long into the night's deep sleep.

This luxurious collection of bath and shower oils takes the cake when it comes to bath time rituals. Spoil your recipient with this great assortment of oils to add that special touch to any bath!


Pair this lovely set with a simple loofah! You could even incorporate it as a cute gift topper that hints at what's inside the wrapping.

For anyone looking to make their home feel more like a spa, this basket makes a stunning, yet elevated catch all.


Add luxe cotton towels to this basket to really give your recipient's bathroom the spa treatment

For the friend that is into a device filled spa day, give this body cleansing device that will add a high tech element to their bath time ritual.


Gift this device with a bath or shower gel to turn their tub into a next level experience!

Cotton Turkish Bath Robe

If your outfit is anything other than a fancy bath robe, is it really a spa day at all? Gift your recipient the proper attire for their spa day with this super soft robe!


Pair this soft robe with equally fancy soaps. As a bathroom accessory or a true indulgence, they will enjoy both the look

and feel of these soaps!

What says "spa" more than flower petals in bath water? Nothing is more reminiscent of a spa than beautiful petals floating with the current of your bath water. This flower, made of soap, was created so your recipient can pull of petals and watch as they dissolve in their bathwater.


Pair these petals with a lotus flower soap dish for the perfect tub side scene!

For the modern spa lover, these black incense leaves are made for burning and releasing a scent that's made for deep relaxation.


Pair this sleek incense set with a chic set of matches for the perfect gift!

Chill Pills Bath Bombs

There's no better way to help them relax than by giving them literal chill pills! Help your recipient relax with these chic bath bombs.


In the spirit of pills that relax you, pair these bath bombs with a beautiful brass box that is designed to replicate an extra large Ambien sleeping pill.

For the friend that has earned a well deserved spa day, these gifts will make them very happy! Especially if you pair any of these gifts with a gift certificate to their favorite spa or salon.

Very Happy Shopping!



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