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A Two For One Travel Gift

I love to travel with items that serve more than one purpose. It saves room in your luggage and you get to use reuse options, creating a cohesive wardrobe palette. A versatile item that I often travel with is a convertible belt bag. Since belt bags came back in style, formerly the fanny pack, they have been produced in so many styles, materials and colors that make them so easy to pack and gift for any occasion!

These convertible belt bags are perfect for traveling because you can wear them all day as you explore your destination as a belt bag around your waist or across your chest, then take the strap off and use them as a clutch for a night on the town.

I love this structured looking bag because it can elevate a casual outfit while keeping up with a more professional outfit. This makes a great gift for someone who travels a lot for work but gets a little time to themselves to explore. This would pair perfectly with the work attire they will be packing

This trend forward bag is great for the girl who loves a fashionable trip! This bag will go with sneakers for an easy day around town. While the snakeskin pattern makes this a perfect clutch for drinks at a new bar.

This simple and classic convertible bag is for the girl in your life who embodies Jackie O. If they have a classic daytime uniform and a sophisticated LBD (little black dress) that goes on every trip with them, then this is their gift!

To gift these great bags, add their favorite lipstick, a personalized pen, tissues, mints—add anything that they would need while carrying the bag. Treat it as a little year-round stocking stuffer!


Pro tip for doubling up with convertible items:

  1. Workout wear can double as pajamas before you workout, eliminating the need to bring pajamas. You can also use your already worn day clothes to workout in depending on the fabrics since they are just going to get stinky at the gym!

  2. Scarves can be used as in-flight blankets and wraps to protect against the chilly in flight air.

Very Happy Merry!




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