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A Scary Thought

Close your eyes and picture this… you’ve had an incredible night’s sleep. You went to bed on Christmas Eve and even though you were up a little late you’ve slept a full eight hours wrapped up in the coziest Christmas pajamas adorned with Rudolph, Santa and a couple snowmen. You are warm inside your bed, under layers of blankets and comforters. And even though the weather outside is cold, you are warm and snuggled in tight.

The morning light starts to stream in through the blinds and normally you would be slightly annoyed by the sunlight having the audacity to wake you this early, but not this morning. Not this morning because it is Christmas morning, and you are starting to feel the excitement build in your belly! Or could that feeling be the start of hunger for a full Christmas breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, cinnamon rolls—everything! Today you’re eating it all because it’s Christmas.

Then, all the sudden that hunger turns to sickness. An anxiety induced nausea brought on by the thought of not getting all your gifts in time. You immediately remember that the reason you were up late the night before was because you were hunting through the mall looking for all of the gifts you could have, and should have bought early. But no, you waited until the last minute and there was nothing left. There were no toys in the toy store, there were no sweaters left at Nordstrom and there was no makeup left at Sephora. Nothing Was Left!

The supply chain issues and shipping issues that you were warned about were real and now you’re picturing your niece and nephew opening the box you wrapped for them. Knowing that when they get through the wrapping paper and the tape all they will find is a piece of loose-leaf paper with the words “I Owe You” scribbled on it. The last-ditch effort of a desperate gift giver. This Christmas will go down in their memories as the one where you got them a piece of paper!


It’s ok, it’s not too late! You still have time! It was just a scary Halloween nightmare before Christmas! Don’t let this be you on Christmas. Start shopping early and use to help you find the perfect gift! Peruse all of the gift ideas for everyone on your list and get your shopping wrapped up early!

Very Happy Gifting!



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