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A Paper Gift From the Heart

If you’re looking to give a touching gift from the heart, that elicits a very emotional response may I suggest stationery. Beautiful stationary gifts are not only rare now-a-days but they can also be really meaningful.

In a digital world, the gift of paper can be really special. Paper is also the first anniversary gift for those following the traditional anniversary gift calendar. When I give a stationery gift I like to give really beautiful yet simple paper.

I like to “borrow” the first sheet of paper from the stationery set and write a note to the gift recipient that really shows my appreciation for them in my life. The best way to make sure that this note is clear, spelled correctly, and says exactly what you intend to say is to practice on a regular note pad or on a computer. After you have thought of exactly what you want to say, practice actually writing it.

For some, it might be since grade school that you’ve written in cursive or longhand, so you might need some practice. No shame! Just write out your letter once or a few times with the pen you intend to use, before you grab a sheet out of the new gift you’re about to give.

Now I love to add a paperweight to this gift. To me, that is the perfect cherry on top that will make the recipient keep your stationery and paperweight set on their desk for years to come.

When shopping for the perfect stationery and paperweight pairing, you’ll want to take into consideration your recipient’s style. Here are a few options:

1. D E C O R A T I V E F L O U R I S H E S :

For those friends that care about the extra decorative touches, these stationery and paperweight pairings are lovely!

2. M O D E R N S P L U R G E S :

These stationery sets are sleek and modern for those who love an updated design. These kiss paperweights are a striking desk piece if you're willing to splurge a little.

3. A R T I S T I C T O U C H E S :

Bright spring touches make these stationery and paperweights perfect matches for anyone looking to spruce up their desk!

These gifts make a great gift for an anniversary, write a note about how much you love that special someone. As a thank you gift, write a not about how much appreciate what was done. As a gift to your boss, write a note that says happy holidays and thank you for a great year come Christmastime, that they can keep on their desk.

Can you think of anyone that would love to receive this gift from you?

Very Happy Gifting!




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