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A Gift That Matters

With so much important, pressing news on our televisions lately, it can be hard to remember your “why” or your passion to do what you love and the reason that calls us to do it. In times like these it can be hard to compare your passion to the urgent needs of so many around the world right now. I am struggling with this a little bit myself—to find the reason why we need gift ideas right now. But then I really try to focus on what the true meaning of a gift actually is.

The purpose of a gift is to show some one how much you care about them and even when we are apart, to show someone that you took the time to think and care about them. A great gift brings us together and connects us by giving a bit of yourself to another person. That little piece of yourself might be represented in a small trinket or something you’ve been saving a long time to give, but the goal is always the same, to see love and joy on someone’s face when they open it.

Remembering this “why” is what I will continue to do as I post great gift ideas during this time. I know we will come out of this together and will soon need great gifts for everyone we know! Right now, there are so many people that could use a gift from you right now. If you have any extra food or supplies please donate to your local food bank and show someone that even though you don’t know them, you are connected to them and care about them.

Visit to find your local food bank today.



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