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Teen Gift Guide 2022

Teens can be tough to shop for, their tastes change as they get older or as their friends' tastes change. It can be tough to keep up with what they want and the current trends. Don't worry, be happy--we've got some great teen gift ideas for the underage recipient in your life!


Lazer Tag Set

For the one that's into indoor sports:

This Laser Tag Set will entertain any teen and possibly the entire family! And maybe, just maybe get them away from the video game console for a few hours.

Instant Camera

For the one that's destined to become a photographer (even if only on instagram):

This Instant Camera will help them enjoy those moments that don't belong on social media!

Retro Speaker

For the one that's into the 80's:

This Retro Speaker will help them keep their nostalgic energy with it's vintage vibe but also keep their street-cred with it's Bluetooth connectivity to their phone's music.

Pocket Mini DJ

For the one that loves music:

If they love to make music as much as they love to play it then Pocket Mini DJ is the perfect gift to help them mix their tracks together.



Star Robe

For the glamourous one:

If your teen sees a star when they look into the mirror then get them a robe that accents what they already see in the mirror!

Pimple Patches

For the one who loves to accessorize... Everything:

Pimple patches are the perfect facial accessory to cover and treat any blemishes while adding a little style to their skin.

Pizza socks

For the one who's always hungry, and you know, needs socks:

These fun socks are the perfect gift to pair with a gift certificate to their favorite pizza place!

Half zip up hoodie

For the cozy one:

This trendy, of the moment hoodie is perfect for the cozy lounger or an after practice topper.



Cologne Sampler Set

For the one who always wear cologne:

Teenage boys love smelling good, and who doesn't. Let them pick their own fragrance with this sampler set that includes their choice of a full size bottle.

Handheld Mirror

For the perfectionist:

This handheld mirror is the perfect gift to help them to look good from every angle.

Makeup Sponge Set

For the beauty lover:

This cult classic makeup sponge is made even better in mass. Get them this set that could last them to next Christmas!

Rotating Makeup Brush

For the makeup maven:

For a smooth and even makeup application, gift this rotating makeup brush to your makeup maven.



Sneaker Display

For the one that loves to show off:

This sneaker display defies the laws of gravity while showing off their shoe collection.

Fuzzy Belt Bag

For the one who's sporty chic:

This popular belt bag is the perfect athleisure accessory to throw on over any outfit.

Sneaker Cleaning Set

For the one with new kicks:

Gotta keep those fresh kicks bright and extra white! Help them keep their sneakers clean with this sneaker cleaning set.


For the one who loves a classic sneaker:

The iconic Air Force 1 is the perfect shoe to gift for anyone who loves a low profile sneaker.


Very happy shopping for the teens in your life! If you're still looking for great gift ideas, check out our gift guide page.

Very Happy Gifting!





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