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Show Your Love All Year

February is a month of love. Valentine’s Day brings about gifts and displays of affection, that for the most part unparalleled any other time of the year. Let’s change that shall we? We show our love and admiration to our friends and family for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions but I’m here to say that Tuesdays can be just as important as birthdays! Here are a few tips and reminders to show your love all year long.

F R E E L O V E :

Show someone you’re thinking of them without spending a dime! Reaching out to someone candidly can bring so much joy. If you have ever been on the receiving end of someone reaching out randomly, you know this can really warm your heart!

Set a reminder to reach out to someone often, daily if you can. Make this a part of your daily routine—having coffee in the morning, select someone from your phone to quickly text, “Hey how are you, I miss you and I was thinking about you!” Driving home from work and stuck in traffic—pick someone to call and catch up, even leaving a message will be a treat to them. Having lunch at your desk—email someone a note about a great memory that brought them to mind. Not only will you make your friend feel loved but you will feel great as well!

A T O K E N O F A F F E C T I O N :

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to treat someone to something special. Spending a few dollars to give a little pick me up to a loved one will come back to you ten-fold.

Once a week, can you send a card to a friend or family member? With our daily tasks, taking up an pre-digital habit can come as a welcome surprise to your recipient. Think about how much your Mom would enjoy receiving a card out of the blue. Can you bring someone lunch? If you are grabbing a sandwich can you pickup something for someone else? If their working from home, dropping off lunch at someone’s door would be such a happy surprise. If they work in your office and you know they are swamped with work, it would be incredibly thoughtful. Is there a fun little gift you can share with a friend? Nothing expensive, but maybe something catches your eye while on a Target run. I have purchases Goldfish snacks and candles spontaneously for friends, which always bring light to their day.

A B I G S U R P R I S E :

Sometimes you want to really surprise someone. Maybe they just broke up with their boyfriend and they need to be cheered up. Maybe they just started a new job and you want to send something to congratulate them. Maybe they’ve saved up for a really long time and just purchased something important. These daily occurrences deserve celebration!

A bouquet of flowers is always a beautiful surprise. Getting flowers delivered on any day that is not a holiday or a birthday leaves any recipient blown away in amazement. Do you know anyone that could use a delicious special food? A cake for a personal celebration or a local favorite if they’re away from home? Sending an edible treat makes for a delicious surprise! What about an unconventional surprise? Recently my mother said she need to drink more water—cue a quick shipment from Amazon of this water bottle. My father bumped his head in a silly accident, so I sent him this hard hat as a fun gift. Sending a surprise can be fun, light-hearted and promote an inside joke between the two of you!

The goal is to bring and spread joy but also getting in the habit of thinking of others! Showing someone you care can come in many forms don’t be afraid to spend a little or a lot even if it’s not a day you’ve marked in your calendar.

Very Happy Gifting!


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