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Party Platter Gifts

Whether you're hosting a barbeque or party for Labor day or getting ready for the fall festivities and holidays, parties are not complete without the classic chip and dip pairing. These beautiful chip and dip platters are chicer than your average paper plate! Impress your guests or delight any host with any of these serving dishes.

Ruffled Chip and Dip Platter

This beautiful chip and dip duo is the perfect platter for a hostess with a feminine aesthetic that wants to make her party just perfect!

Modern Chip and Dip Platter

This seemingly, gravity defying platter is perfect for the modern decor lover. As an accent to a holiday party or to match the chrome finish on their outdoor grill, this would make a great gift!

Woven Chip and Dip Platter

For the host or hostess that is embracing a casual beach vibe for their get-together, this natural woven platter sets the tone!

Asymmetrical Chip and Dip Platter

Sleek yet functional, this platter is great for the creative party planner in your life!

Swirled Chip and Dip Platter

Follow these beautiful neutral swirls around this stunning chips and dip bowl until every snack is gone!

Whether you're sprucing up your table, or making sure you never come to a party empty handed, these chip and dip bowls make a great addition to any collection of serving wear. If you want to top off the gift, feel free to add some deliciously salty chips and a flavorful dip!

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