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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Health & Wellness

It's time to celebrate Mom! Whether she's your biological mom, your step mom, your friend mom or your work mom, it's time to celebrate these powerful women who have helped make and shape us! All of their advice, all of their help and all of their consoling is valuable year round and today we get to thank them for all they do!

If fitness, both physical and mental are important to your mom then these gift ideas will show her that you care about her self-care!

For the mom who values her hydration, this personalized water bottle is a great reminder that she needs to drink up! Add her name, a heart, or MOM to this chic water bottle and then pop it in this great water bottle bag. It's perfect for a low maintenance gym bag to hold your phone, keys and water.


Theraface facial wellness device

This all in one device is perfect for the mom who loves a good serum or a facial. Gift her this device with percussive, massage and LED attachment options. Put facial wellness in her hands!


If your mama loves her matcha in the morning or as a late afternoon treat this matcha set will give her a boost even as she keeps her caffeine at acceptable levels.


Oura ring mothers day gift present idea

For the mom who needs to rest well, the Oura ring keeps track of your sleep stats like an ESPN anchor. Help her improve the most crucial part of her wellness routine with a few extra winks!


Whether she's going to and from the gym, or to and from the grocery store, the belt bag has become a wardrobe staple for anyone on the go! This accessory would perfectly accent any of your mom's active outfits.


Workout weights cabinet fitness system

If you're looking to upgrade your mom's at home weight set, then this chic looking set is a great gift! Help her home and her body look great with this set that looks like it's part of her decor.


A cute new pair of sneakers will be comfortable on her feet while helping her rock the most recent athletic and athleisure trends!


LED Face mask mother's day gift idea

If your mom loves an over the counter facial device, then this mask will make a great gift to splurge on! This mask is an FDA-cleared LED device for the face that targets wrinkles and blemishes for visibly smoother, clearer skin in just three minutes.


For any mother that is into facial fitness, this set that includes two jade roller sizes, and a gua sha tool will make a great gift! From collagen production, to lymphatic drainage to increased circulation, the benefits of these tools go on an on! Any wellness mama will love this set!


Designer hat mother's day gift idea

For the mom who always sweats our her ponytail, get her a chic accessory to look pulled together even after the most intense workout. A sport designer hat will hide her hair while making her style stand out!

Very Happy Mother's day to all moms out there!



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