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Find enlightening gifts for everyone at your favorite bookstore.

Great gifts at every bookstore
Great gifts at every bookstore

One of the best resources when it comes to brick and mortar shopping is a book store! If you’re looking for a one stop shop for everyone on your list; go to a bookstore!

I love pairing a good book with a little something extra, either an extra gift or a gift card! This is the perfect combination of thinking about your recipient and adding a little something extra. Check out some paring suggestions below:


Great Book Gift Combination:

A great idea for the tough to shop for, or even impossible to shop for Dad is a fishing, camping or general outdoors-man book. There are several stunning photography books dedicated to the outdoors, paired with a Bass Pro Shops or a REI gift card. If you know what specific gear he uses, add that to the gift! A word of caution here, if you don't know the specific brand or exact product that he uses, steer clear of getting him gear. Die-hard outdoors-men can be very particular about what they use, in the end, at least give them a gift receipt! A national parks photography book and a national parks annual pass also make a great pair for any Dad with a RV or loves road trips!

Great Stand Alone Book:

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, by Neil deGrasse Tyson is a great book to show your Dad (and his ego) that he can conquer such complex topics as astrophysics! While in reality Tyson’s book is approachable and simplifies complex topics like black holes and dark matter so your Dad, or anyone, for that matter can understand them and more importantly explain them to their friends.


Great Book Gift Combination:

Depending how old your brother is, he could use a dose of your style and etiquette. A style book paired with a clothing store gift card that reinforces all of the great style tips, go great together! This gives him the knowledge and the funds to put it into action.


Great Book Gift Combination:

Do you have a nephew that is glued to ESPN? What’s his favorite sport? His favorite team? His favorite player? A book that goes into detail of the history of any of these topics would be a great gift. Pair it with a couple of tickets to see his favorite team in action and you’ll really knock it out of the park!


Great Book Gift Combination: If your husband enjoys a little whiskey to ease him into his nightly routine or weekend, giving him a book that lets him dive a little deeper into his vice is a delicious way to show you care. Pair the book with a bottle of whiskey that is discussed in the book and he’ll be drunk with excitement! This can also be done with any beverage he enjoys. Coffee, beer, scotch, wine, smoothies etc. would all work well with a book and bottle gift combination.

So you get the picture, find a topic that you know your recipient is passionate about and find a book that explores that interest. Then pair it with a way for them to actually get out there and do or see what they are interested in. While there are some great links to books and gifts above, I love grabbing a coffee and walking the aisles of my local bookstore for gift inspiration!

The icing on the cake is wrapping these presents! If you’ve purchased a book and a gift card, I love tucking the gift card into the pages of the book for an extra surprise–what a great bookmark! If you can do this with some of the other larger gift suggestions, go for it. Or wrap them in separate boxes tied together with a bow.



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