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Gift Guide: Men

We've got great gift ideas for the men in your life! So if you're still looking for that perfect gift for your Dad, Brother, Brother-In-Law, Friends and Family members--we've got you covered!

Liquor Infusion Set

For the GQ gentleman in your life, this liquor infusion set allows them to create custom creations for the perfect cocktail! If your gift recipient prides themselves on their bartending skills or wants to deepen their knowledge of spirits, then this gift will be great for them.

Grill Pizza Oven

For any king of the barbeque, this handy pizza oven allows them to use their favored barbeque grill for more than just meat. You can pair this with a grocery store gift certificate to help them create unique pizzas and topping combos with this great gift!

Newspaper Birthday Book

This gift is great for the sentimental man in your life. This book collects the front page of the newspaper on each birthday from their life. For example, if they were born on April 1st 1950, then every April 1st newspaper front page from 1950 to 2020 will be printed in this book for a seventy page book. This makes this a great gift for any older person in your life and allows them to reflect on the annual occurrences on their birthday.

Movie Projector

Help them create the perfect home theater with this movie projector. Since not everyone can go back to a movie theater, help them create the same experience in their own home with this projector. Pair this with a bag of popcorn and you’ve got the ultimate movie night gift!

Device Sanitizer

If you knew how dirty your phone was, you wouldn’t use it. Just kidding, you probably would because we all need our phones! Help your gift recipient keep their phone, iPad and more clinically clean. Since we are all trying to keep everything clean more than ever before, this gift is perfect for anyone!

Whiskey Tasting Set

If the guy in your life loves whiskey or scotch this series of tasting tubes is not only a great tasting gift, but it is also presented in a velvet lined box with an informational packet detailing each whiskey vial. I have personally gifted this to bosses and brother-in-laws and both have raved about it!

Sanitizing Wand

This stick sanitizer allows you to sanitize with the wave of a wand. So if your recipient wants to feel like the Harry Potter of clean, get them this magic wand sterilizer!

Leather Apron

For the chef in your life, this luxe apron is such a nice gift. This is the perfect protection for cooking or barbequing while still looking great!

Artisanal Butter

I know that butter might seem like an odd gift, but trust me, for the chef who has every kitchen gadget, pot or pan imaginable a unique condiment is such a nice and unexpected gift. This flavored butter goes great on toast on Christmas morning, steaks for dinner and really everything—butter goes great on everything! This paired with a sleek butter spreader is such a unique gift they will love and talk about for Christmases to come!

Air Pods Pro

We all know that Apple anything is on most guys' gift lists and these Air Pods Pro are no exception! For anyone that loves to be hands free and hates cords these are a great gift. These little accessories let you listen to music while you work or workout without having to deal with the cord that normally tethers the ear piece to your phone.

I hope you've gotten some great ideas! Let me know what you end up buying.

Very Happy Gifting!




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