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Get Holiday Ready: A Quick Round Up

We are getting close people! The closer and closer we get to Christmas the more and more I hope you’re preparing yourself and starting your shopping. Since this year’s Very Happy Merry Christmas Gift Guides start launching tomorrow, I wanted to do a little round up of all of the Christmas in July posts I did earlier this year to help you get your creative juices flowing and the gift ideas a-going!

Cheers to the bartender or the friend that always plays the bartender at any party. This gift guide is for the gift recipient that loves to create or taste any spirited drinks!

My Favorite Gift from this Gift Guide:

Flamingo punch bowl

For the spirited entertainer, this punch bowl is a conversation starter as well as a great addition to any bar cart.


Pair this pink punch bowl with the perfect pink drinking glasses!


For some, travel is seasonal. The warmer summer months come around and everyone is off on a vacation, or the weather turns colder and it's time for holiday travel. For others, travel is a year-round sport. For business or pleasure, seasonally or year-round, these gifts will help any traveler love the journey even more!

My Favorite Gift from this Gift Guide:

Love this makeup brush case that holds all of your favorite brushes and a bit of makeup. For the beauty lover on the go, or even as a purse touch up kit, this little glam bag makes a great gift!


Fill this bag with some essential make up brushes or some of their favorite beauty brands.


We all have a friend that loves their home more than any hotel or restaurant. They would rather stay home versus going out. And they love their house and are super cozy in it! This gift guide is for them! These gifts will help them create a sanctuary they can enjoy by themselves and with others.

My Favorite Gift from this Gift Guide:

Large brass spoon rest

A brass spoon rest will look stunning in any home decor lover's kitchen. Yummy cooking won't be the only thing shining in their kitchen!


Pair this salad serving set in matching brass for a great gift!


If your gift recipient loves a good book, is in more than one book club or if their amazon orders actually contain books, then this gift guide will help you get them the perfect gift!

My Favorite Gift from this Gift Guide:

Clear Acrylic Book Stand

If your book lover has a showpiece that is as much a part of their home decor as their library then this gift is for them! Help them put their prized book on display with this clear acrylic book stand

A GREAT GIFT PAIRING: This book pairs well with a beautiful coffee table book that can be set open to rich bold pictures.


If you're looking for gifts for the friend that loves a spa day, whether at home or at a luxurious, beautiful spa. They are always ready for a little pampering! It's indulging in Spa Day Saturday or Self-Care Sunday they are going to treat themselves to some well deserved rest and relaxation.

My Favorite Gift from this Gift Guide:

What says "spa" more than flower petals in bath water? Nothing is more reminiscent of a spa than beautiful petals floating with the current of your bath water. This flower, made of soap, was created so your recipient can pull of petals and watch as they dissolve in their bathwater.


Pair these petals with a lotus flower soap dish for the perfect tub side scene!


Keeping fit and staying well takes a concerted effort. If you know anyone who is diligent with their fitness and wellness routine then these gifts will help them get or stay in shape while also promoting wellness.

My Favorite Gift from this Gift Guide:

A good night's sleep influences your mood, health and obviously the energy to workout the next day. Gift the Oura Ring and help anyone track their sleep, giving them data to get their best night sleep.


These melatonin sleep aids are wrapped in chocolate! A good night sleep and a

little sweet--what a great treat!


Whether your gift recipient has chosen the stove, oven or grill as their weapon of choice, these gifts will stand out as a favorite, any time of year!

My Favorite Gift from this Gift Guide:

Smart touch screen toaster gift

You can't have the perfect avocado toast without the perfect, well, toast! Or maybe your recipient is obsessed with the perfect sandwich--this touch screen toaster will allow them to make perfectly crisped bread every time.



For anyone who is enamored by the great outdoors, this gift guide will offer gift ideas perfect for all outdoor activities. Whether it's on land, on water, exercising or relaxing, these gifts will help anyone enjoy nature even more!

My Favorite Gift from this Gift Guide:

Cornhole set gift boards

If your recipient loves spending time in their backyard, then these cornhole boards are the perfect gift to add to the backyard setup! Painted with a great mountain scene, these will make their backyard seem as epic as a national park!


What cornhole set is complete with out bean bags? Complete their gift with a set of these tossing bags.


If you're ready to start your shopping and you can't wait to get started, the site is filled with gift ideas in every post and you can look through all of our other gift guides as well! These gift guides are full of ideas to help impress even the toughest recipient on your list!

Very Happy Gifting!



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