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Celebrate Everyday: Fun Things to do this Month

Sometimes we get stuck in a routine and it can be hard to keep the excitement for everyday activities. Changing things up keeps you on your toes and add a little excitement to your month! These activities are great to do on your own, with a friend or a significant other.

1. Take a new online workout class

Try a different type of workout than you are used to. If you normally lift weights, take a yoga class. If you normally take yoga take a HIIT class. Breaking a sweat in a new way will challenge you physically and mentally and could help you find a new workout obsession.

2. Play a game

Pick a card, any card (game)! Walk down the game aisle of your local store and maybe the spirits aisle too and pick a new game to occupy your time on a Saturday night. My personal favorite is Uno but I also love a good board game.

3. Build a Snowman

“Do you want to build a snowman?” cue the frozen soundtrack. If you live in an area that gets snow, appreciate it! Having lived in different climates, I know from personal experience that the snow can create the required chores of shoveling and snow blowing but don’t forget that it also can be glorious! Put on your hat and gloves and spend some time in the greater outdoors. If you aren’t in a climate that gets snow, spend time outdoors in another way.

4. Organize Your Closet and Then Make a Shopping List

There’s no time like the present to purge, donate and organize items in your closet. Going through and getting rid of the items you no longer love or use helps get the year off to a great start. After you’ve gone through everything, and I mean really pulling things out and deciding if you will realistically still wear everything, make an intentional shopping list. Think about what you really need. If you’ve gotten rid of the jeans that don’t fit well but you know you need a pair of go-to jeans then add that to the list. Did you realize that you don’t have a rain coat, then add that to the list. Thinking about what you actually need and making a list will help you shop with more intention. Keep this list on your phone and reference it when you’re shopping.

5. Binge a Book

Enjoy a leisurely trip to the bookstore and grab an interesting title, sit down with a hot cup of coffee and get lost in a book. Binging a streaming series is nice but switching up the medium from time to time is even more fun. Can you finish an entire book in a day? Learn something new or discover a new world by spending a little time off-screen. If you’re doing this activity with a partner, read out loud to each other. Hearing you friend or spouse’s take on each character can be an entertaining break to the latest tv show.

Enjoy your month and remember to celebrate everyday!




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