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A Good Gift Now or the Perfect Gift Later

We’ve all been there, we have a birthday or anniversary coming up and we’ve had the perfect gift in mind forever. Then we go to order it and it’s out of stock or even with the fastest shipping method it still won’t arrive on time. So what do you do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

It goes without saying that planning is always better than procrastinating, ok but there I said it anyway! When you’ve past the point of planning ahead what are you going to do? Settle for a gift that just “works” or do you wait for the perfect gift to arrive? Here’s the rule, no matter what, don’t show up empty handed!

No matter the circumstances, don’t show up empty handed. If you can’t order the perfect gift, do you have a runner up gift that you can give that will still make the recipient really happy? They don’t need to know there was another gift you were thinking of that was just perfect. In fact, if you decide to give a different gift then I highly advise you NOT to tell them about the other gift. No one wants to feel like you just settled on a gift for them. Telling them about this other gift will just make them confused about how they are supposed to feel about the actual gift they are receiving. It takes the attention off of them and their celebration and gift and redirects it to you and making you feel better about the gift you gave. “Oh it’s ok, I’m sure I’ll love this, just as much” is not a conversation that needs to be had. For all they know this is a great gift they just received from a great friend.

Another option is to find a way to give the gift anyway. Can you use the delayed delivery as a way to build anticipation? Did you want to get tickets to the zoo but they were sold out for your child’s birthday and the only available date was next weekend? Can you buy them a toy tiger packaged with the tickets for the zoo next weekend? Did you order your boyfriend’s favorite pizza from his hometown of New York but the delivery won’t arrive in time. Can you write on a pizza puzzle a note that says you won’t have to wait much longer, the hometown favorite you’ve been craving will be in your stomach on Tuesday! Then when he puts the puzzle together he’ll get excited and you two can plan a full meal and evening around the arrival. Did you order a custom pair of sneakers with their favorite colors? Can you gift a few pairs of cute socks that will match or that have their name or face on them, with a note that says these will look great with your custom sneakers, arriving soon!

Is there a way to give a portion of the gift or display how the gift will be used? Think about the entire experience of the delayed gift you’re giving. This of it as a free association exercise: theater tickets - what do you do at the theater- you eat popcorn an artisanal bag of popcorn with a print out of the tickets. It’s a great way to give the perfect gift and allow your recipe to unwrap something when time is not on your side.

If you think that your recipient would rather have another gift now, versus this partial gift of anticipation then give them another present that they will enjoy. However, maybe you should still buy the other gift you had you eye on as well. Even if it’s delayed it will be a great gift on the next occasion! Get prepared for the next event by purchasing that great gift now to store in your gift closet.

Very Happy Gifting!




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