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Hi, I’m Charlee!

After years of friends and family asking me what they should buy for every gift giving occasion—birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas, I’ve decided to share my knowledge with you!  As a curator of notable gifts, go-to websites and stores with great selections, I invite you to let this site be your resource for impressive, thoughtful, well-wrapped gifts for every occasion.   

What really excites me about giving a gift is making the recipient really happy.  I know that it’s the thought that counts and any thoughtful gift is appreciated but don’t you love it when you really knock it out of the park?  When the recipient is overwhelmed with joy, excitement or raves about the gift every time you see them—that’s the feeling I’m going for EVERY SINGLE TIME.  I want to impress, surprise and delight. 


With this site, I’ll help you do the same for your friends and family and make sure all of the gifts you’re giving are met with great anticipation.

Very Happy Gifting!


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